BP Gulf Oil Spill Webinar

The BP Settlement Program – A legal, Economic and Environmental Perspective of the Disaster and Resulting Landmark Agreement.’  The February 2014 webinar was hosted by:

  • Alan Zimmerman, CEO of Law Finance Group
  • Michael Palmintier, Partner, DeGravelles, Palmintier Holthaus & Fruge, LLP, BP PSC Member
  • Rhon Jones, wholesale mlb jerseys Beasley Allen law Firm, BP PSC Member
  • Henry “Hank” Didier, Founding Partner with Economic Recovery Group.

As experts operating in the center of the BP Settlement litigation Conflagration and negotiations, the panel provided a unique insight into the 2010 Gulf Oil Third-Party Spill and the $9.2B Settlement Agreement, pre-settlement to post settlement, Learn along with discussions on the Tobacco misconceptions about the BP Claim program. The webinar was followed up with a healthy Q&A session answering specific questions about filing claims and where the settlement is headed. What is clear is that BP continues to use its deep resources to aggressively How prolong litigation against a wholesale nba jerseys settlement that was agreed to years ago.

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