Our Business DNA


As experienced attorneys and business leaders, we understand the difficulties of operating a business in today’s legal climate.

Kevin McCaffrey, President

Our Business DNA

LFG is not a firm of technically-minded, bookish lawyers laboring in an Ivory Tower. We are attorneys who understand the operational and financial challenges it takes to thrive in the business of being a lawyer. Our team has the experience and depth of knowledge on how to operate and grow a legal practice. We understand the stress you face as you fight for justice, dealing with overhead and operating costs, in a slow legal justice system.

These guys are smart. The underwriting team was spot on in identifying the weakness in a case that ultimately didn’t settle.” ~ Plaintiff Attorney

We can help you transform your business model to liberate you from a monthly debt payment cycle to a more sustainable position. We are legal business minds at work to help you realize your hard work by leveraging the cases you have worked so hard to win.