FirmFinance ®

Most bankers are not attorneys. We are.

Our FirmFinance product provides revolving lines of credit secured by the firm’s entire portfolio of fees, costs, receivables and reimbursable expenses. Our clients use FirmFinance funding for interim operating expenses pending receipt of settlement proceeds on other cases in their firm portfolio.

CostFinance ™

Today, funding case costs from after-tax profits doesn’t add up

Our CostFinance product provides term loans or revolving lines of credit to help law firms finance litigation costs in contingency fee cases rather than funding them from after-tax profits. We loan up to 100% of the outstanding costs that a law firm has paid out in its active contingency fee cases, freeing up cash for the firm to commit to other operating expenses or growth needs while waiting for resolution of contingency fee cases.

CustomFinance ®

Because sometimes, a unique solution is required

Our CustomFinance product provides creative, custom-designed financing solutions to facilitate complex litigation, such as mass torts, class actions or other unique situations, providing operating capital to fund case preparation and business expansion initiatives.

If you are an attorney who could benefit from $250,000 or more in funding to support and grow your business, please contact us.