Liquidity Solutions for Trusts & Estates Clients

Building on its 20 years of experience as a financial services provider in the legal field, Law Finance Group developed its Estate Funding Group to meet the needs of high net-worth trusts & estates clients.  Law Finance Group provides capital to clients who, despite receiving or being entitled to a valuable inheritance or bequest, lack sufficient liquid assets to meet their financial obligations prior to a distribution or settlement.

EstateFinance® capital guarantees a client has available funds to:

–          Pay ongoing legal fees during contested administrations;

–          Relieve the estate of tax liabilities;

–          Maintain cost of living expenses; or

–          Discharge other large financial obligations.

Attorneys’ Fees During Contested Administrations

Clients with valid claims in trusts & estates disputes may be unable to pay ongoing attorneys’ bills prior to receiving their distribution.  Law Finance Group understands that this tension burdens both the client and attorney.  Engaging EstateFinance® to directly and promptly pay an attorney’s monthly bills, allows the client to see his or her will or trust contest through until receiving a rightful distribution or settlement.

Estate Taxes, Living Expenses and Other Obligations

Estates may be highly valuable on paper, but be lacking sufficient liquid assets to pay the large payments that can be due prior to the occurrence of a liquidation event.  Funds are also available for heirs’ personal capital needs – the client can realize some of the cash value now, and Law Finance Group will wait for a distribution or liquidation to be repaid.

Assets such as closely held businesses, real estate holdings, valuable art collections, or other illiquid property, might need to be strategically marketed, repaired or improved prior to sale.  Law Finance Group creates multi-million dollar solutions for these trusts & estates clients.  Law Finance Group works in coordination with the client’s attorneys and wealth managers.

While Law Finance Group provides capital, the clients and their attorneys retain complete control of their matters.  The attorney-client privilege is always respected and preserved. All inquiries are strictly confidential.