Accelerating access to your hard earned fees

LFG’s SettlementFinance is a funding solution for those attorneys and plaintiffs that have concluded the long and arduous legal process successfully, yet the reward for their hard work remains out of reach for the foreseeable future.

Our product is designed specifically to address the needs of a typical class action attorney and plaintiff, aligning ourselves with your needs:

  • Accelerating access to hard fought capital

A plaintiff or attorney may have a current and impending need for capital while waiting for payment. SettlementFinance™ can provide capital without demanding monthly payments until the case is concluded.

  • Variability of cash-flow for class action attorneys is a regular occurrence

We take the time to structure a transaction around your particular circumstance as both loans and purchases, and as full recourse, partial recourse, and non-recourse transactions. The transactions can be structured as a purchase and assignment in a portion of the settlement, or as a loan secured by the borrower’s interest in the settlement. The total amount of the Facility is based on a percentage of the Settlements total fee award.

At LFG, we use our Financial, Business, Legal and Relationship DNA to tailor SettlementFinancesolutions that meet your individual funding needs.


•   Individually customized funding facility
•   No repayment until settlement proceeds are released
•   Cost of finance may be deductible as business expense
•   The attorney and plaintiff retain control of the case
•   LFG does not stipulate how the funds are used