Funding services that level the playing field

For over 25 years we have offered innovative funding solutions to plaintiffs and attorneys.

Our approach, established by experienced attorneys, brings innovative funding solutions to the complex realities and demands of litigation in today’s civil justice system. 

Whether you want to meet individual capital requirements, pursue your case, or minimize litigation risk we have a flexible funding solution for you.



For more than 25 years, Law Finance Group has assisted law firms and claimants realize the strength of their case and portfolio. LFG exclusively invests in civil litigation and is led by a highly experienced management team who have advanced hundreds of million dollars to plaintiffs and attorneys. LFG’s investment philosophy is centered around working collaboratively with our clients to drive successful results. LFG has executed this philosophy through a partnership-driven approach that is supported by our legal acumen and business operations, and anchored by a long-term capital base. 


Our values reflect our commitment and entrepreneurial approach to our partnerships with our clients:


  • We never seek control over a case or settlement and have a track record to prove it.

  • Having lead the industry for over a quarter of a century we understand the financial realities facing law firms and their clients.

  • Our longevity and management team’s experience enable us to provide a level of value-added investment that few other industry participants can match.

  • Our captive capital enables us to offer tailored solutions designed to support our client’s goals.



Having been involved in the litigation finance industry for 26+ years, we understand the sensitive ethical considerations associated with third-party litigation funding and its interaction with the legal profession and the attorney-client relationship. We adhere to our core values in these areas:

  • Control. We do not exert control over litigation strategy, settlement or otherwise.

  • Confidentiality. We adhere to best practices regarding confidentiality and attorney-client communications to ensure that our involvement does not compromise our clients’ interests.

  • Alignment. We ensure that our partnerships are structured to succeed by advancing fiscally responsible amounts and targeting results that benefit everyone.

  • Transparency. Law Finance Group, LLC is a California-Licensed Lender.

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