To our clients, we are far more than finance providers. We are solution-providers, working with attorneys as they plan and build for the future.

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Alan L. Zimmerman, CEO/Attorney at Law

Our Legal DNA

As lawyers, we understand and can support the challenges you face while navigating the civil justice system.

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Daniel Bush, CIO/Legal Counsel

Our Business DNA

As experienced attorneys and business leaders, we understand the difficulties of operating a business in today’s legal climate.

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Kevin McCaffrey, President

Our Financial DNA

As a Licensed Lender, we are committed to funding solutions that meet the individual needs of our clients.

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Robert Antelme, CFO

Our Relationship DNA

We are motivated by long term relationships with like minded law firms who seek to level the legal playing field.

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Jonathan Owen, Funding Director

“LFG stepped in to assist us when we needed them most. Many others believed in the case, but few had the wisdom to invest in it. Only one had the resources to fund it to the finish line. Thanks again LFG.”

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Richard S. Van Dyke, Esq., Managing Partner, Van Dyke & Associates, LLP

For over 20 years Law Finance Group has offered innovative funding solutions to plaintiffs and attorneys. We specialize in funding post-judgment appeals, settled cases, and trust and estate disputes, and have advanced over $450M.

Our approach, established by experienced attorneys, brings innovative funding solutions to the complex realities and demands of litigation in today’s civil justice system. Whether you want to meet individual capital requirements, pursue your case, or minimize litigation risk we have a flexible funding solution for you.

At LFG, we use our Legal, Business, Financial and Relationship DNA to tailor financing solutions that meet your individual funding needs.