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Our team is among the most experienced in the litigation finance industry. We bring a continuity of management and operating and strategic expertise to propel our partnerships forward.

Robert Antelme-min.jpg

Robert Antelme

Chief Financial Officer

Stephanie S

Stephanie Schrandt Boone

General Counsel

Grace Doctolero-min.JPG

Grace Doctolero

Credit and Servicing Manager

Funding Director

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Brendan Dyer

Director of Legal Diligence


Stephanie Goldsborough

Lauren Harrison-min.JPG

Lauren Harrison

Vice President/Investment Counselor and Legal Counsel

Jarad Van Matre-min.jpg

Jarad Van Matre

Corporate Controller

Kevin McCaffrey-min.JPG

Kevin McCaffrey

President & Chief Executive Officer

Warren McCann-min.JPG

Warren McCann

Funding Director/Corporate Counsel

Grant Schrader-min.JPG

Grant Schrader

Vice President/Director of Underwriting/Legal Counsel

IMG_0244v2[73] copy (1).jpeg

Stephanie Southwick

Senior Investment Counselor

Olga Temnikoff-min.JPG

Olga Temnikoff


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