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Proven Strategies. Tailored Financial Solutions.

Our clients rely on our decades of experience in the litigation finance industry to create financially sustainable positions, access cash flows, and leverage their existing assets—all on a non-recourse basis.


The AppealFinance® strategy offers clients the combination of financial capital and unrivaled institutional knowledge in late-stage litigation on appeal at both state and federal levels. We set our clients up for success by providing them with significant capital investment through an advance on a money judgment that is being appealed coupled with proven best practices and unique insights deployed over the course of our more than 600 appeal transactions.

This approach allows our clients to limit their exposure in any given litigation and support their efforts to reach a final resolution. It also enables stakeholders—including individuals, businesses, and venture and private equity sponsor firms—to limit exposure and monetize their own or their portfolio company’s litigation assets.


Law Firm Portfolios

Our PortfolioFinance® and FirmFinance® strategies were developed with the goal of providing clients with a unique and differentiated platform to empower their litigation efforts and grow their law firms at all stages.


This starts with a partnership founded on deep financing expertise and legal experience. These strategies were developed with the specific purpose of allowing law firms of all sizes to leverage their existing portfolio of fee interests to mitigate risk, increase and align cash flows, drive operational improvements, and accelerate growth.


Settlement Finance

The SettlementFinance® strategy provides tailored financing solutions that accelerate the monetization of settlement proceeds for both lawyers and their clients, whether to augment needed cash flows or grow their business.

This strategy allows our clients to realize valuable assets earned through litigation, removing the uncertainty of when settlement funds will be accessible. 


Early-Stage Litigation

Our early-stage litigation and CostFinance® strategies provide clients with dynamic and focused financing solutions in the early stages of litigation.


Our team developed these strategies with the goal of creating a progressive partnership with our clients, whether from the outset of litigation or when ongoing fees and costs become too burdensome. We have achieved this goal with a focus on fostering a collaborative effort with our clients by creating flexible budgets and providing needed cash flows to clients whose interests are at the center of the litigation.


Additional Strategies

We understand that there scenarios where the financial solution needed doesn’t fit within a specific defined strategy. To meet that need we’ve developed a number of additional strategies to help propel our partnerships forward. Some of these strategies include:

  • CustomFinance®, designed to help clients and law firms alike meet their financial needs with bespoke financing solutions. Our CustomFinance® product provides creative, custom- designed financing solutions to facilitate complex litigation, such as mass torts, class actions or other unique situations, providing operating capital to fund case preparation and business expansion initiatives.

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