Unlocking the value of your hard work

LFG’s AppealFinance® is a funding solution for those attorneys and plaintiffs that have not yet brought a legal case to its final conclusion, but have spent years and often significant capital getting to the point of an appeal without any return.  LFG’s AppealFinance® product addresses a number of needs:

  • Taking away the defendant’s unfair leverage

An appeal can take years to complete, and a financially strong defendant can test the financial resolve of a plaintiff to drive towards a premature and unsatisfactory outcome.

  • Enabling a release of invested capital

A plaintiff or attorney may have a current and impending need for capital for other purposes, including refinancing or retiring more onerous traditional firm debt.

  • Sharing the risk

LFG recognizes that litigation and appeals have inherent risks and, unlike banks and other providers of capital, have the unique ability to assess and share those risks.

At LFG, we use our Financial, Business, Legal and Relationship DNA to tailor AppealFinance® solutions that meet your individual funding needs including:


  • No repayment unless and until the case is won and the defendant has been paid
  • We cap our funding
  • The attorney and plaintiff retain control of the case
  • LFG does not stipulate how the funds are used
  • We only take a minority interest in any case